Radiance Prayer and Fellowship with Special Guest – Annie Meadows


The CornerStone Christian Fellowship community is welcomed to attend the Radiance Prayer and Fellowship with Special Guest – Annie Meadows.


Annie Meadows will be our Special Guest. Annie is more than a christian entertainer — she’s a living miracle! Pronounced dead at birth, having struggled with cancer & an ongoing heart defect, she is a survivor and says; ” I praise God that He held on long enough to get me to where I am — not being on stage, but in my walk with the Lord.”


Radiance brings women of all ages together to create friendships, provide an opportunity for prayer, and to encourage evangelism. We hope you join us! Please bring a potluck dish to share!


The date of the event is March 16, 2018 at 6:30 pm.  The event is free.

We will hold the Radiance Prayer and Fellowship in Cornerstone – Rm 201.


For more event information, please contact the event coordinators:

Chemene Blockey at cblockeyais@gmail.com


Paula Fuller at  paulafuller@cox.net